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Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing problems progressing in your continuing education course, please review this document for assistance or contact our technical support associates at 1-866-455-3278.

How long does it take to bank my credit hours with the NMLS?
Association of Mortgage Educators will be uploading the student completion information to the NMLS within 7 business days of completion. In order to view the banked hours students will need to go to the education page in their NMLS account. The submissions appear under their record within 24 hours. For questions relating to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, please contact the NMLS Call Center at 1-855-NMLS-123 (1-855-665-7123).

What are some of the standard course features?
Our courses are approved by the NMLS for the indicated number of hours of required continuing education. Each course includes a student manual for note-taking and reference, as well as a course syllabus that outlines the course objectives, materials, contributors, and a comprehensive course outline. In addition, the student will have access to a variety of content-related documentation available for download throughout the course.

What are the course completion requirements?
Before student's status can be transmitted to the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS), students must:

1. Spend the minimum required amount of time in the course
2. Pass each module quiz with a score of at least 70%
3. Pass the final course assessment with a score of at least 70%
4. Participate in an online Course Evaluation

I hate these page timers, is there a way to turn them off?
Unfortunately, the page timers cannot be turned off. In order to ensure that students spend the mandated amount of time in the course, each page of the course has an associated page timer (times range from 10 seconds to approximately 30 seconds). The Next button is disabled until the page timer expires. Obviously, people read at different rates, so students may occasionally find the timer has expired before they are finished with a particular page, or that there is still some time left after they finish. Page and quiz timers are set to keep the student in the course for the approved time of the course as required by the NMLS; any request to change the timers must be approved by the e-learning manager.

What are the requirements for passing Quizzes and Assessments?
Each module includes a required module quiz. Students must pass module quizzes with a score of at least 70% in order to continue to the next module. Each course contains a required final assessment. The student must pass the final assessment with a score of at least 70% in order to complete the course. Quizzes generally consist of 10 multiple choice questions (25 for final assessments) randomly presented from a larger pool of questions. Students have one try to answer each question. A quiz or assessment may be taken as many times as a student wants. Once a passing score is achieved, the quiz/assessment will be marked as complete. If a student navigates away from a quiz or assessment before completing it, all answers to questions already completed will be lost. It should take about 10 minutes to complete the final assessment. You may retake the final assessment as many times as is necessary to pass. Questions are presented randomly from a larger bank of test questions so you will not see the same questions in the same order.

Why are there timers on Quizzes and Assessments?
Quizzes have substantial timers on them, a timer of 5 minutes is applied to every module quiz and 6 1/2 minutes to every final assessment. This does not mean that a student only has that period of time to complete the quiz or assessment, it means that the student must spend at least that amount of time taking the quiz or assessment. Students cannot click Next to move on in the course until the timer expires. If the timer has expired when the student completes the quiz or assessment, he or she can review and/or retake the quiz or assessment. If the student completes the quiz or assessment before the timers expires, he or she can review the quiz or assessment, but retaking it will throw out that passing score. Students who navigate away from the quiz or assessment before the timer expires will have to restart it, and the timer restarts as well, even if they received a passing score the first time. Remember: Students must pass the quiz or assessment AND wait for the timer to expire in order to get credit.

I walked away from my computer for a few minutes without closing the course. When I came back, the course has logged me out. What happened?
The Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) requires students to be actively engaged in the course, which means completing activities such as moving to new pages of content, looking up glossary terms, and taking quizzes and exams. Per NMLS requirements, students who are not actively engaged in the course will be automatically logged out of the course after six (6) minutes of inactivity. In the event that you are logged out, your progress in that unit of instruction will be lost and you will be returned to in the beginning of the unit. For example, let's assume Module 1 has 5 Units. You have completed Unit 1 of Module 1. Unit 2 has 10 screens in it. You are on Screen 5 of Unit 2, get distracted and do not interact with the online course for 6 minutes. You will be logged out the course and your progress for Unit 2 of Module 1 will be lost. When you log back on, you will return to Screen 1 of Unit 2. If you know that you need to take a break, just go ahead and log out of the course. Then, log back in when you can spend the time necessary to be actively engaged. Whenever you log out, your progress will be bookmarked and you will be returned to the screen where you left off when you log back in and resume interacting with your online course.

An error message keeps popping up saying 'Communication with the LMS has been lost'. What does this mean?
Students will see an error message if their connection is lost while they are taking the course. If this happens, students must close all course windows and log into the course again. The progress of students who ignore the message and continue in the course will not track correctly. From the students perspective, the course will appear to be tracking progress correctly, but when they log out and back in, only those screens visited before the connection error message will be checked.

I am having trouble downloading and viewing a document from my course. Is there another way to access this document?
Yes, there is. If a student calls and wants a document from a course that they cannot, for some reason, download, the documents can be e-mailed to them by a Technical Support Representative. Our Tech Support team is reachable by toll-free telephone at (866) 455-3278, or by e-mail at

If I take Late CE courses when will my hours be banked to NMLS?
Course providers will be required to upload the hours to NMLS within 1 business day of the course completion submission. NMLS will validate the MLOs' information and late CE requirement, and will upload the record as soon as it is banked electronically.